God doesn’t Grade On A Curve

One of the most striking differences between Christians and people in general is the non-Christian attitude toward absolutes.  Non-Christians live in a world shrouded in veils of uncertainty.  Atheists, secular humanists, and moral/ethical relativists of all stripes live their lives on the shifting sands of popular opinion.  Those people are without guiding principles and values by which to regulate their decisions and behaviors.  They primarily rely on the advice and example of elite political or social figures to tell them what they should believe and how they should live.  Christians, on the other hand, read the Bible, and try to conform their lives to righteous ways.  That necessarily means believing in right and wrong, good and evil, truth and falsehood.

In comparing salvation to passing an academic test, a couple of issues occur to me.  First, salvation is pass fail.  There is no letter grade given for salvation.  Second, 100% of the grade depends on the final.  Sure, there are plenty of homework assignments, pop quizzes, and class projects.  And they certainly add meaning and value to the Christian life experience.  But in the end, everything depends on the final.  Have you given yourself to Jesus Christ, or not?  It's that simple.  It's an absolute "Yes," or "No."  There is no such thing as a B or C grade in salvation.  You can't almost but not quite completely believe in the Lord.  That eliminates all those moral/ethical relativists who reject absolute principles and values.  They fail by virtue of their unwillingness to commit themselves whole heartedly and without reservation to an absolute faith in Jesus.  They are lost.

One final thought.  Many teachers grade on a curve because they believe it takes them out of the equation.  Good teacher or bad, on the curve the class will have the same number of A students, B students, etc.  The curve always makes the teacher look good.  God is not concerned with such trivia.  He offers us unconditional love, forgiveness, and salvation.  All we have to do is come to Him with a contrite and sincere heart.  As many as do, will be saved.  We can all get a passing grade in God's class of salvation.