God's Will

Every Christian should follow God's Will.  But how?  That's the big question.

It's hard to talk about God's Will in our lives because words are inadequate to describe it.  I can't say I "know" God's Will; I don't actually hear God's voice; God has never sent me a direct order.  But yet I have faith that God is leading me in every step I take.

God's Will is like a river flowing through my life.  It has a course.  Sometimes it pools up and goes nowhere for a while.  Sometimes it's rough and fast like rapids.  Sometimes its smooth, wide and slow.  But it is inexorable and powerful.  

I can sense God's Will almost as water senses which way to flow.  When I abandon myself to God's Will, He carries me along effortlessly and buoyantly.  When I make choices and decisions as His servant, and not for myself, they almost always turn out right for me.  When I resist the current, and try to force my own will on the world, I'm usually in for trouble.

Once you come to Jesus, and turn your will and life over to Him, He really does take charge. As long as you stay out of His way and let Him do His job, your direction in life will be a good one.